19 Oct, 2023

Shrikant Wagh

  • 1)Director of Cricket Operations 2)Head of Youth Development, 3)Sports Development Officer 4)Cricket Program Manager:
  • Leeds, UK
Cricket Director of Sport

Personal Summary

"I am a former professional cricketer with a rich career spanning five seasons in the IPL with teams such as Rajasthan Royals and Pune Warriors India, representing India-A, and playing over 250 first-class games. Additionally, I have experience playing in the UK as an overseas professional cricketer and serving as a high-performance coach. Currently pursuing an MSc in Sport Business Management, I am deeply engrossed in my dissertation research focused on the impact of T20 leagues on bilateral series and national contracts of players. As the present Cricket Development Director at Rastrick Cricket Club in the UK, I specialize in player development, program management, and high-performance coaching.

My unique blend of hands-on cricket experience and academic rigor in sports management equips me to bring a nuanced understanding of sports administration and development. I am particularly interested in roles such as Director of Cricket Operations, Head of Youth Development, or Technical Director, where I can leverage my multifaceted background to nurture talent, enhance program quality, and contribute to the strategic growth of the organization."

Feel free to modify this to better suit your style or to emphasize different aspects of your career and education. This personal summary aims to showcase your comprehensive understanding of cricket from both a practical and an academic viewpoint, making you a well-rounded candidate for any cricket development role.

Work Experience

Cricket development Director
Apr 2023 - Rastrick Cricket Club

Position: Cricket Development Director
Employer: Rastrick Cricket Club
From: April 2023
To: Present

As the Cricket Development Director at Rastrick Cricket Club, I assume a multifaceted role that encompasses both the strategic and operational aspects of the club's cricketing activities. My responsibilities are categorized into three main pillars: Player Development, Program Management, and High-Performance Coaching.

Player Development:
I have spearheaded initiatives to scout and nurture local talent, creating a structured pathway from grassroots to senior-level cricket. I work closely with coaches to design individualized training programs, thereby ensuring holistic development. Our junior cricket programs have seen a 25% increase in participation since my tenure began, and several players have transitioned to higher levels of competition.

Program Management:
In this capacity, I liaise with stakeholders, including local schools, governing bodies, and sponsors to secure funding and resources. I am responsible for the logistical orchestration of the club’s various programs, encompassing scheduling, budgeting, and compliance with both regional and national governing bodies.

High-Performance Coaching:
Drawing upon my extensive professional cricketing experience, I've implemented advanced training modules focusing on technical skills, game strategies, and mental conditioning. I also conduct regular performance evaluations, supported by video analysis and biometric data, to provide detailed feedback to players.

Moreover, my ongoing academic research in Sport Business Management allows me to bring a nuanced perspective to the administration and sustainable growth of the club. I've initiated data-driven approaches to optimize performance metrics and have contributed to the financial planning and revenue generation strategies of the club.

By synthesizing my rich background in professional cricket, high-performance coaching, and academic rigor, I aim to position Rastrick Cricket Club as a beacon of excellence in cricket development. My overarching goal is to nurture talent, enhance program quality, and contribute to the strategic growth of the organization.