Warwick School has a long history. The town of Warwick first appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the year 914 AD, and this has long been taken as the date for the foundation of our school. The school moved to its current location on the banks of the River Avon in 1879 and in 1906 the name of Warwick School was adopted. From that point onwards, the oldest boys’ 
school in the country has grown from strength to strength.

The school is now a large community. There are over 250 boys in the Junior School and approximately 980 pupils in the Senior School, including a Sixth Form of over 270. In addition, there are facilities for 60 or so boys as full (or occasionally weekly) boarders. There are approximately 100 full-time teachers on the Senior School staff.

The Junior School for boys from Year 3 to 6, is divided into two parts: Upper and Lower School.