Oundle School

Oundle School has long been associated with the very best of modern independent education, especially boarding. We take seriously our responsibility to our pupils so that they can emerge as decent, open-minded adults; ambitious about what they can go on to achieve and contribute, but never arrogant.

Oundle is home to 847 boarders and 268 day pupils, which equates to a pupil population of approximately three quarters full boarding and a quarter day. We are committed to a full boarding ethos, which greatly benefits both boarders and our day pupils. We have been fully co-educational for thirty years and the ratio of boys to girls has remained constant at 60:40. We are proud to attract pupils from over 120 schools across all corners of the UK, with virtually every county represented. Around twenty percent of our pupils have an overseas country of origin and a further eight percent of pupils are expatriates. We welcome pupils from over thirty different countries and all pupils, whether international or UK, sit the same entrance papers.