St Mary's Calne

St Mary's Calne is a leading girls' boarding and day school based in North Wiltshire, UK.  Our aims are clear, focused and forward-thinking: we develop in young women the academic and moral strength for them to become bold, resourceful, well-balanced individuals who have the capacity to lead and shape our modern world.

Alongside academic rigour, we have a strong offering in Art, Drama, Music and Sport all of which are important features of our curriculum and co-curricular provision.

22 Mar, 2024  
St Mary’s Calne St Mary’s Calne offers an academically enriching working environment within the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, with easy transport links to Bristol, Bath and London. St Mary’s Calne is a member of the GSA and the Headmasters’ and Headmistress’ Conference (HMC); it is a leader in the field of girls’ independent boarding education.  It has around 360 girls aged 11-18, including 120+ girls in the Sixth Form.   As well as innovative teaching, learning and scholarship, St Mary’s Calne offers outstanding pastoral care and a vibrant, warm community.    Ethos St Mary’s Calne believes in excellence in all respects.  As a school community, we thrive amidst a culture of strong expectations and the education which we provide nurtures and develops the concept of high performance.  The principal aim is to develop well-rounded pupils who are equipped to excel as adults. Co-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom are a vital and...
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