Chigwell School

Founded in 1629 by Samuel Harsnett, the son of a Colchester baker who went on to become Archbishop of York, Chigwell School stands on its original site with the original school building still in use. However, whilst Chigwell of today is conscious of its long-standing history, it is a forward-looking, ambitious, coeducational independent school of 1040 pupils aged four to eighteen. It enjoys excellent facilities, a dedicated staff, bright and hardworking pupils, and a site of 100 acres.

Chigwell School is located in the picturesque village of Chigwell just over ten miles from central London and on the Central Line. The extensive, beautiful grounds are close to the edge of Epping Forest and it is rare for a school to have so much space and yet be so close to the centre of the Capital. Most pupils are day pupils but in the Sixth Form, there is a small community of international boarders, roughly thirty from sixteen countries, and these live in four small boarding houses.

As well as being an academic school, Chigwell has the reputation for providing a rich and full education, with plenty of opportunities for all pupils who are enthusiastic, co-operative and able. Chigwell is a caring and friendly school, with a close sense of community, not least between colleagues. As the Good Schools Guide reports: Academically, pupils are put through their paces but it all seems to be done in such a civilised and pleasant manner that you are more likely to hear pupils talk about opportunities and prospects than pressure and stress. “Anyone who wants to do well here, will do well” said one student, “and I can’t think of a nicer place to succeed.”