University College School

Founded in 1830 and initially located in Gower Street. as part of UCL, University College School was revolutionary in its approach to education. Having as a fundamental principle that religion, in any form, should neither be an entry requirement nor a taught subject, believing rather that faith is a matter for the family and the individual - a tradition that continues today. The UCS Foundation, now independent of the University, comprises three schools: the Senior School (850 pupils: 11-18), the Junior Branch (250 pupils: 7-11) and the Pre-Prep (130 pupils: 3-7).

All three schools are set in attractive locations. In 1891 the Junior Branch was established at Holly Hill, Hampstead, followed in 1907 by the School’s separation from UCL, and the acquisition of the Senior School’s current purpose-built accommodation in Frognal, opened by King Edward VII. The pre-preparatory branch is based nearby. All three schools have full use of the extensive playing fields (including a large all-weather pitch and two pavilions) in West Hampstead.

UCS remains true to the liberal traditions of its founders and continues to work hard to foster independence of mind among its pupils and to value their individuality. Academic results are excellent. Music and drama are very strong at UCS and the school offers an outstanding range of co-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities. The school has a fine record in team games, with shared endeavour and good sportsmanship held in high regard.