Ampleforth College

Set in 2,200 acres of beautiful countryside, Ampleforth’s location is a huge asset. There are few better places for young people to grow up. Some describe it as a teenage heaven, with a vast amount of space, a huge range of activities and facilities, and lots of friends with which to share the experience and have fun. Our students love being here and Old Amplefordians frequently come back to visit the community and our stunning valley.

Ampleforth is full boarding with students from all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We rejoice in being culturally diverse with many different languages spoken. There is a strong House structure with 8 boys / girls houses and 1 co-ed junior house for Years 7 and 8. Each has dedicated staff (Housemistress / master, Chaplain, Matron, Tutors, and support team) and are real homes where children in different year groups mix and form lasting friendships with each other and with staff - their second family. Full boarding engrains a deep sense of community and provides a rich experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in everything the school has to offer. Four-day long exeats provide breaks to go home with families often visiting at weekends too.

Lessons and sports fixtures run from Monday to Saturday with a broad and varied programme of activities, events and social life in the evenings and weekends, as well as one afternoon devoted entirely to activities. We offer a remarkable range, from every type of musical ensemble (including bagpipe band), CCF, drama, art, sports, community work and fundraising for the school charity, to countryside pursuits, Landrover restoration, gardening, cooking, and numerous academic societies. With fantastic facilities - a sports centre, acres of pitches and courts, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, equestrian school, dance studio, theatre, our own shoot, and fishing lakes - all can discover and develop their interests and talents. Everyone attends Mass on Sundays with prayers twice daily as well as retreats, Chaplaincy and Lectio.

Our academic results are impressive and show that every student is inspired to reach their potential. Beyond academic excellence, to ensure they leave school ready for the challenges ahead, our approach is to coach students to become increasingly independent in their thinking, learning and coping and so develop the skills critical to flourishing in life.

Ampleforth offers a Compass for Life. Catholic education and Benedictine principles, the basis of successful education all over Europe for centuries, provide a foundation that is forward thinking, inclusive, and meets the needs of 21st century students. Recognising that every person is of equal value and has unique talents, our duty is to draw out these talents so that each student becomes the very best version of themselves. The principles of Benedictine community living teach us that we are made better through our relationships with others. As individuals thrive, so does the community - and our community is very strong and welcoming. Our students are inspired to become thoughtful, caring and considerate citizens.