St Margaret's School

There are currently a total of approximately 750 pupils in the School, from age 2 to 18. This includes an on-site Junior School of about 300 children. Once co-education is complete, the School is expected to increase to about 1000 pupils, including 350 in the Nursery and Juniors. 
Developments of the site are ongoing to ensure this capacity. There is boarding provision for approximately 50: St Margaret’s is a diverse and inclusive community, which values kindness, empathy and ambition.

The School has its own, exciting ambitions. It is establishing a modern identity as a co-educational school in which children can thrive, within and beyond the classroom. Teaching 
and learning are strong, and reflected in excellent exam results and strong value added scores. It seeks to offer an ever increasing programme of cocurricular activity, of which sport is a central part. St Margaret’s is a modern, forward-looking school, with long and distinguished history.