02 Feb, 2023

Emad el din abden abden abdelkawy younes

  • physical education teacher, swimming instructor,
  • Egypt
Athletics, Physical Education, Football, Swimming PE Teachers

Personal Summary

I am a swimming instructor and a branch manager for Aquatheltic academy with more than 8 years of experience 

How to handle customers, solve problems, risk takers, make a program fit for the kids, drills to swimming all stroke with high technics 
activity coordinator, competition planer, Fun day , activaty
Physical education teacher at British International School Madinaty and swimming teacher with 3 years of experience on teaching on schools

Work Experience

physical education teacher, swimming instructor
Sep 2021 - Present British international school madinaty, Gems education

outstanding tips

assessment for the kids to make a fit plan 

prepare lesson plans on vacation to be ready for the pupils

Make the lessons fun

Supervising practical PE lessons, including both indoor and outdoor classes

Ensuring that children compete to their ability level and aren’t exposed to unnecessary injury or illness through school sports

Motivating school children to take up new sports or athletic pursuits

Evaluating the performance of students throughout the school year

Attending parents’ evenings and providing parents with comprehensive reports on their child’s progress

Training and coaching school sports teams to compete and succeed in nation-wide events

Transporting individual competitors, school teams and other teachers to and from school sporting events

Ensuring that students pass their practical and theoretical PE exams

a lifelong learner

patient and understanding cases and reports

Promote movement for life

Differentiate instruction

Organize some school-wide events

swimming instructor and a branch manager
Dec 2019 - Present Aquathletic swimming academy

Swimming Coach For team           owner head coach of national team

Setting goals for performance and deadlines in ways that comply with company’s plans and vision

Organizing workflow and ensuring that employees understand their duties or delegated tasks

Monitoring employee productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching           

Replacement absent Coaches

 Coaches attendance, late time Brief coaches on technical comments

 weekly targets Provide session plan

 exercises, drills

Get the Kids into the water (Coaches have to be waiting in the water at their assigned spot)

 During classes Always observe the whole pool (Never turn your back to the pool!) Extra Attention to new coaches

 Pre School and Step 1 to 3 Assist coaches with “difficult” kids Move around, be active and show presence

 Check and report weekly targets without interrupting the class Make safety your highest priority Phone use only in case of emergency 

make sure all kids are safe outside of the water Use the time between classes to update the coaches if needed After classes Make sure coaches sign the working hours/deduction sheet before leaving Make sure tools/equipment are collected and stored properly Provide attendance and skills report to the admin (updating on the drive) 

General The Branch Supervisor is the last to leave the pool Check the lockers/shower


Swimming coaches have the job of helping people to swim faster and better, and 

sometimes even teaching adults or children from scratch. Often clients will come to a coach with a range of objectives or requirements and the coach will help them to plan a program me of exercise, often including dietary and non-swimming fitness elements. The coach will then help the client to meet their objectives over a given period of time, 

providing motivation, encouragement and advice along the way. Sometimes duties will involve training children or adults as competitive athletes, sometimes as part of a club or team, advising on race technique and timing in order to maximize an individual 

swimmer’s performance


physical education teacher
Aug 2014 - Jun 2018 Helwan universty