21 Feb, 2024

Rachel Crombie Al-Hattabi

  • Primary PE Specialist, Head of PE, Director of Sport
  • Peacehaven, UK
Hockey, Netball, Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, Physical Education, Football, Swimming PE Teachers

Personal Summary

I am looking for a school where I can join and lead where appropriate a thriving department and bring my extensive knowledge and experience to the role to be the inspiration and motivation in developing a rich varied programme of PE and school sport.

My excellent organisational skills and ability to develop and foster good working relationships with staff and students would enable me to lead others and be an integral part of the wider school community.

I have been planning and delivering PE from Nursery to Y6 at a range of schools in Brighton, London and Malaysia and I would be able to bring new and innovative ideas to further develop the curriculum and department. I have developed new teaching plans, assessment opportunities, progress trackers, inclusive clubs and many displays and newsletters to celebrate and inspire students' performance. 

Planning the extra curricular clubs and competition schedule has always been part of my job and I relish the opportunity to work with colleagues in other schools to provide a range of opportunities for the students. This is how many students improve their confidence and competence in sports and activities and also develop skills for life.. I have organised fixture calendars across my schools and planned and hosted numerous events including, inter-house competitions, sports days, festivals, young leader training and many staff training and professional development sessions.

At Nexus I had the opportunity to work in a larger department where I was able  to take the lead and also work independently to build the primary department. This was an excellent  experience for me and has allowed me the opportunity to learn from colleagues as well as  lead training and new initiatives within the department and across the school. 

While in Brighton I was the lead teacher for Primary PE across the city and organised and led  both sport specific and PE curriculum development training for new and experienced teachers. Trainee teachers from the university were often sent on placement to observe and discuss the  way in which I had written and delivered the PE curriculum and also how my school used PE to impact other areas of the children’s learning.  

Work Experience

PE, Swimming and Games Teacher
Aug 2023 - Aug 2024 WIndlesham House School

My current position involves teaching PE and Games across the school from Reception to Year 8. 

Contributing to extracurricular activities in PE, matches, inter-house competitions, whole school activities, clubs, fixtures and teams. 

Assisting with activities beyond the classroom to support children’s development. 

Liaising with parents and colleagues in support of pupil progress. 

Differentiating learning opportunities to assist students to progress at an appropriate rate with an appropriate level of challenge. 

Contributing to planning and curriculum development in PE.

Primary PE Specialist
Sep 2022 - Aug 2023 City Academy Whitehawk

To implement and deliver the PE Curriculum to a high standard to children from all year groups, ensuring the health and wellbeing of all children.

To deliver sporting experiences which provides pupils with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential, with a commitment to our culture of ‘Personal Excellence’.

To monitor and support the overall progress and development of pupils.

In collaboration with colleagues and Senior Leaders, demonstrate an ability to supplement existing practice by contributing new, exciting, practical ideas to the school and beyond.

To teach classes, deliver intervention groups and clubs and lead training as appropriate for the school and children.

Develop and improve the quality of PE lessons and delivery through CPD, mentoring and curriculum support for class teachers. 

To organise, plan and deliver a programme of clubs and extracurricular sporting programme accessible to all children. 

In collaboration with local and national agencies and providers access additional training, resources and funding to improve the opportunities available to all children. 

School Sports Coordinator
Oct 2020 - Aug 2022 Willow Tree Primary School

Teach classes, deliver intervention groups and clubs and lead training agreed in consultation with the Partnership Development Manager, Headteachers and Primary PE Coordinators.

My key responsibilities revolved around Improving the quality of PE lessons through mentoring/curriculum support for class teachers. 

Provided support and guidance to Head teachers, Heads of Department and Primary PE coordinators in writing their PE and School Sport Development plan.

Carried out actions as outlined in the development plans and report on the impact these actions have on the pupils.

In my role I supported school policies for monitoring and evaluation of curriculum, planning and delivery of PE.

Ensured the work of the partnership was innovative and sustained through links with other agencies, National Governing bodies and key partners.

My responsibility was to manage the  implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of one strand of the Partnership’s Development Plan as identified by the Partnership Development Manager/School Games Organiser.

Assisted the Partnership Development Manager/School Games Organiser with fulfilling the requirements of the Partnership’s data collection process. As well as assisting with the quality assurance of key partners as identified by the Partnership Development Manager/School Games Organiser.

Supported school leaders in exceeding the key objectives outlined by National strategies for PE and School Sport as a tool for whole school improvement.

Primary PE Specialist
Aug 2018 - Aug 2020 Nexus International School

Teaching PE across the school I have redesigned the PE curriculum to give a much broader experience for the learners and this has improved both participation in both lessons and also within clubs and teams in the primary and secondary school. This has included new activities such as cricket, tennis and tag rugby.

I organised and ran a large number of extra-curricular sports clubs before and after school and we compete in a variety of competitions across the city. The U13’s Girls Basketball was a particular highlight, with many new members on the team last year.

I have been responsible for implementing a new Sports Day programme and have trained all of the year 5 learners to be young sports leaders where they have planned and run a festival for year 1 and 2 learners. The secondary students have regularly worked with me to develop the involvement of the primary students and give the good role models.

Working collaboratively across the school with class teachers, teaching assistants and the inclusion department has proved successful with many learners allowing them to use PE and sport to enhance their progress and achievement.

Working with my colleagues in the secondary department and raising the profile of PE across the school to create a balance of physical activity, sport and competition, particularly in swimming.

Primary PE Teacher
Jan 2007 - Aug 2018 Carden Primary School

Teaching PE across the school  from Nursery to Y6. As well as my curriculum responsibilities I ran a wide variety sports clubs and I organised intra and inter school competitions both at Carden and across the city.

As a specialist PE Teacher I led the training program for a network of primary schools working with colleagues, lead teachers and a number of national PE and sports agencies.

The work I did earned the school local and national recognition for good practice in PE and the school received a number of awards from AfPE, The YST and The School Games. The school is one of only 120 schools in the country to hold all of these accreditations.

I led regular network meetings with colleagues to improve my practice and provide the best opportunities for all students.

As part of my professional development I have regularly demonstrated outstanding lessons when observed and I reflect on these opportunities with a growth-mindset. 

I have led whole school events and projects and have extended my learning to develop my classroom knowledge as part of whole school initiatives and continued professional development.

Working with local and national sports providers to increase participation in swimming, netball, dance and cycling. Giving a broad range of opportunities to allow the students to find activities they can continue into secondary school and adult life.

Supply Teacher
Apr 2006 - Dec 2006 Teaching Personnel

I worked as a supply teacher in and around the Brighton area. I had the opportunity to teach reception through to year 13. This allowed me to teach PE, physical activity and sport at a different stages of their schooling. I was able to develop my range of teaching skills and work alongside colleagues, organise clubs, assist with the fun run and develop the KS3 curriculum.

Year 3/4 Teacher
Sep 2005 - Mar 2006 Denton Community Primary School

As a class teacher I taught literacy and numeracy to year four class and the foundation subjects to the mixed year 3/4 class as part of the Y3/4 team.

Citizenship Teacher
Sep 2004 - Aug 2005 Durrington High School

My NQT year was spent teaching Citizenship at key stages three and four. This involved writing new schemes of work on topics such as truancy, choice and risk, part time work, money, and drug awareness.

I wrote assessments and level descriptors, which were used by the school and QCA for the subject.

As a form tutor I was able to build good relationships with the students and provide pastoral support and academic intervention at key point throughout the year.


BA (hons) UP/LS Education with PE, QTS
Sep 2000 - Jul 2004 The University of Brighton