24 Mar, 2024

Bruce Roberts

  • Multi Sports Coach
  • Greater London, UK
Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Physical Education, Football, Swimming Sports Coaches

Personal Summary

Bruce Roberts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of sports coaching and education.

With a career spanning over three decades, he has dedicated his professional life to the development of young athletes across various age groups and a spectrum of sports disciplines, including cricket, soccer, and rugby. His journey has seen him serve in some of South Africa's most prestigious educational institutions, where he has held varied roles from management to hands-on coaching positions.

His approach to coaching evidences far more than imparting technical skills or tactical knowledge – encompassing inspiring confidence, instilling discipline, and nurturing a lifelong passion for sports, fitness, and personal growth.

Connecting on a personal level with athletes from young beginners to seasoned athletes has solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the sporting community, possessing a distinctive ability to identify and nurture potential in the earliest stages.

His expertise in coordinating sports events and managing teams has been instrumental in affording young athletes the opportunity to demonstrate their talent, gain valuable insights from competitive experiences, and celebrate their achievements in a supportive setting.

As he looks to the future in the UK, Bruce now seeks to reinvest his extensive knowledge, experience, and love for sports by mentoring and adding value to the next generation of coaches and athletes.

Work Experience

Head of Boys Sport
Jul 2014 - Present Epworth School, South Africa

Fixture and Facility co ordination

Physical Education teaching 

Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Athletics Coaching

Management of Coaches

Analysis and profiling of students

Parent communication


Physical Education & Sport, Foundation & Intermediate Phase
Jun 2014 - Present SA Embury Institute for Teacher Education
Senior Cricket Coaching Award
Sep 1993 - Present England & Wales Cricket Board
Level 3 Cricket Coaching Certificate
Apr 2013 - Present KZN Dolphins Cricket Union, SA
Level 2 Rugby Coaching Certificate
Sep 1997 - Present KZN Sharks Rugby Union, SA