09 Jun, 2023

Jovan Bowles

  • Director of Rugby
  • Cayman Islands
Rugby, Cricket Director of Sport

Personal Summary

I am an accomplished rugby professional with a successful playing career spanning from 2001 to 2011. I have had the privilege of representing multiple unions in South Africa and achieving my highest accolade as a player for the Springboks Sevens in 2006-2007. Additionally, I had the honor of competing against the British and Irish Lions in 2009, which further enriched my rugby journey.

Beyond my playing days, I have transitioned into a coaching role, spending the first four years as a skills coach at Cayman Rugby. During this time, I have worked tirelessly to enhance the abilities of players across various age groups, from young children to adult international rugby. I have also actively contributed to the union's operations, lending support in areas such as field repair and vehicle maintenance. My last 4 years with Cayman Rugby was as a Director of Rugby.

Complementing my practical experience, I am currently pursuing a sports management program at the University of Cape Town. This academic pursuit allows me to deepen my understanding of the sports industry and broaden my skill set in areas such as leadership, administration, and strategic planning.

With a strong passion for coaching,  my coaching philosophy revolves around developing well-rounded players, fostering teamwork, and instilling a strong work ethic. I firmly believe in the power of mentorship and strive to create a positive and growth-oriented environment for my athletes.

Driven by my dedication to rugby and an unwavering commitment to personal growth, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to a new coaching opportunity. I am a motivated team player with a proven ability to connect with athletes, inspire their potential, and guide them toward success both on and off the field.

Work Experience

Director of Rugby
Sep 2017 - Dec 2022 Cayman Rugby Football Union

I served as the Director of Rugby at the Cayman Rugby Football Union for a period of 4 years and 6 months, from September 2018 to December 2022. During my tenure, I held various responsibilities and successfully implemented a range of initiatives:

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive coaching program across all sections of the Union.
  • Ensured consistent implementation of the Union's agreed playing philosophy throughout all teams.
  • Oversaw the implementation of the CFRU Player Development program throughout the Union.
  • Took charge of player retention strategies and re-established strong connections through our Head of Junior rugby with local schools.
  • Ensured adherence to game criteria and aligned it with the Union's regional & World Rugby goals.
  • Implemented succession planning by appointing qualified coaches and facilitating their training through designated coaching courses.
  • Attended Rugby sub-committee meetings to stay informed about rugby policies, effectively disseminating them and translating them into practical actions.
  • Reported to the Executive Committee on rugby matters, providing recommendations for improvements and initiatives.
  • Prepared and submitted annual reports covering game patterns, strategic processes, solutions, and player progress.
  • Reported and liaised with World Rugby, the Regional association, and the Ministry of Sport on development plans, strategies, performance reviews and yearly summaries.
  • Established behavioural standard policies for all teams and members at the start of each season.
  • Actively recruited new members to join the Union.
  • Collaborated with Union coaches, players' committee, and team captains on matters related to playing facilities, equipment, and playing gear.
  • Inspired players along the rugby pathway, fostering their growth and development.
  • Maintained knowledge of administrative procedures concerning player registration and eligibility.

I am proud of the achievements and positive impact I made during my tenure as the Director of Rugby at the Cayman Rugby Football Union.

Skills Coach
Jul 2015 - Dec 2022 Cayman Rugby Football Union

During my 7 years and 6 months tenure at the Cayman Rugby Football Union (CRFU) from July 2015 to December 2022, I played a crucial role in enhancing the rugby skill development and implementing foundational skills across various age groups and departments. My primary focus was on the 7's department, catering to both men's and women's national teams. Additionally, I prioritized building a strong foundation at the school level, ensuring the growth and progression of young players within the game, ultimately serving as the backbone of the open age groups.

Key Contributions:

  • Established and implemented foundational skills across all age groups and departments within the CRFU.
  • Led the development of core skills in the 7's department, providing specialized training and support to both men's and women's national teams.
  • Cultivated a solid foundation at the school level, emphasizing the nurturing of youth players to foster their growth and long-term engagement in the sport.
    • Core development skills focused on enhancing the following areas:
    • Passing
    • Ruck on defense & attack
    • Tackle
    • Step
    • Communication
    • Decision-making

Through my dedicated efforts, I contributed to the growth and improvement of rugby skill work within the CRFU. I am passionate about developing players at all levels and creating a strong foundation for the future success of the organization.


Sports management
Jan 2023 - May 2023 University of Cape Town
Fundamental Business Management
Jan 2011 - Jun 2011 University of the North West