09 Nov, 2023

Mr Harry John Nicholas Hurst

  • PE/Sports Teacher
  • United Kingdom
Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Physical Education, Football PE Teachers

Personal Summary

In my experiences I have been able to work in some challenging environments with some inspiring teachers that have helped me in deciding what the best career is. One of these examples was when I was a PE teaching assistant in a school in London, through this I was able to gain valuable experience and observe some of the best adaptive and EAL teaching as the community surrounding the school was predominantly a South Asian community. In my role at the school, I worked alongside a PE specialist who led the delivery of PE throughout the school, it was a four-form entry state school so being organised and working well as a team was fundamental to success. In the delivery of the lessons, I was able to first assist and observe then go onto to lead sessions in age groups ranging from five to eleven in different skills and sports. With this I also took on after school clubs and took children to competitions in the local area and the main highlight being a first girls football competition where despite limited experience and training, they were able to win a match. This then led to more enthusiasm for girls’ competition and more signing up to the after-school clubs.

In addition to these experiences, I have been able to work in wraparound care within a primary school setting where I was able to interact with children and run games and interact with parents daily. I have experience in holiday camps where again I was fully engaged with running activities for primary school children and having clear boundaries on behaviour. Throughout these experiences I have been able to build up a strong variety of sports and activities and how they can be made engaging and how also non-traditional sports can be turned into something that would still achieve your session and lesson objectives.

Sport and physical activity play a big part in my life as I am a keen follower and participant in cricket. I also am a long-distance runner and in 2024 I am going to take part in a half marathon. I follow football, rugby, tennis, and I gain enjoyment out of them as they are a nice escape and it is always fascinating to see the different techniques, tactics and challenges they must get through.


Physical Education (Primary Years)
University of Chichester